The NCRI Alternative’s 10-Point Platform For Future Iran


The Iranian People’s Lawful Expectation from the World is to Recognize their Right to Overthrow the Mullahs’ Regime to Achieve Freedom

As Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI’s President-elect, said on February 13, 2019: The Iranian people’s immediate call and their lawful expectation from the international community as an imperative is for them to recognize the right of Iranian People and their legitimate Resistance to overthrow the mullahs’ theocratic regime to achieve freedom.

“The only solution to the problems in Iran and the crisis in the region is democratic (regime) change in Iran. Forming an international front against the religious & terrorist dictatorship in Iran is requisite for establishment of peace, security and coexistence in the region and world over,” Mrs. Rajavi reiterated.

The Following Video Provides the 10-Point Platform of  Mrs. Maryam Rajavi for Future Free Iran: