Who are the Iranian Regime’s Lobbyists in UK


Who are the Iranian regime lobbyists in the UK?


During the Iran’s 2022 uprising, London’s Trafalgar Square served as a rendezvous point for diverse Iranian political factions endorsing the movement, hosting a spectacular demonstration.

Regrettably, these assemblies frequently faced disruptions from certain mobs, agents of the mullahs’ regime, and monarchists, a trend that persists to this day.


These groups target other political factions aiming to overthrow the Iranian regime, such as the PMOI/MEK, Marxists, and Kurdish groups, employing strong anti-regime slogans alongside fascist chants like “Viva Shah” and “King Reza Pahlavi.” This strategy aims to sow discord within the Iranian Diaspora community.


This gathering comprises individuals from the lower socio-economic strata, monarchists, supporters of the Iranian regime’s IRGC and Basij hooligans, and other dubious individuals. According to eyewitnesses, individuals from the lower socio-economic strata are reportedly recruited from refugee camps with promises of drugs and transported to the aforementioned gathering locations.


Who are the agents and others behind these conspiracies?


Those who orchestrated such attacks, reminiscent of the actions of the club-wielders witnessed after Iran’s 1979 revolution:


A: Those affiliated to Hossein Derakhshan


This group portrays itself as genuine monarchists and advocates of a monarchy system in Iran. They label Iran’s 1979 anti-monarchist revolution as the “Sedition of 1979 by Iran’s opponents.” They chant slogans of death to three different groups within Iran. They are observed carrying large portraits of Reza Pahlavi and his family, as well as the former head of SAVAK (the Shah’s secret police), Parviz Sabeti.

Additionally, they erect tents in Trafalgar Square, purportedly to prevent other groups, such as the PMOI/MEK and the Communists, who support the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime, from gaining influence.


This group consists of SAVAK loyalists, “Aghazadehs” (relatives of regime officials), embassy officials/staff, regime agents, and drug addicts. Their primary objective is to seize control of gatherings organised by Iranians under the banner of monarchism, and to attack various groups and activists, often aided by pro-monarchist media outlets.


Habil Mahor, Mehrdad Dehghani, Sahand Mehraban, Amir Hossein Turkan, Babak Moharrami, and others form part of this group. Habil Mahor is among those individuals who have close ties to Reza Pahlavi.


B- New Iran Party group


The New Iran Party is a recently formed pseudo-political entity. Among its members are:

Colonel Zabety

Previously, he served as a colonel in the air force during the Shah’s regime and currently holds a position in the Central Council of the “New Iran Party.” He frequently addresses gatherings of Shah supporters, encouraging them to engage in attacks against other groups.


Shirin Ava

Shortly after the uprising, she abruptly emerged at a rally in her hometown, yet nobody recognises her, and there is no available information about her background. Right from the outset, she aimed to pursue a distinct agenda by organising a separate rally.

C- Freedom Stage


Elham Borhan, Rukhsara Mohammad Khani, and Li Li Jamali serve as the directors of this event.


Elham Borhan has resided in London since 2006. She has been making regular trips to Iran and has been an advocate for the former Iranian regime President Mohammad Khatami.


While appeasement with the mullahs’ regime has always been the main threat, she follows in the footsteps of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) in the US and the regime’s lobbyists. She has become concerned about war and the bombing of the regime’s nuclear facilities and has supported the regime’s acquisition of a nuclear bomb. Elham Borhan published her first political post on September 23, 2022, one week after the uprising began in Iran.


She shares a close connection with Salomeh Sydnia, a reporter affiliated with the regime, who was one of the journalists for the now-defunct Manoto TV. Previously, Salomeh worked as a host for a state TV programme in Iran associated with the regime’s state TV.


Through the initiation of a campaign named “Stage Of Freedom,” Elham Borhan presents herself as a political activist advocating for the support of monarchists and monarchy in Iran. She falsely asserts unity and solidarity, yet the group to which she belongs targets and attacks various Iranian groups.


She harbours a particular animosity towards political groups seeking to overthrow and combat the mullahs’ regime. She engages in physical altercations as well as verbal and written attacks against certain political activists. For instance, she once wrote to an Iranian opposition group: “I can tear you apart. Terrorists, just wait.”


Due to her “favourable services” to both the mullahs’ regime and the monarchists, Manoto TV has interviewed her numerous times, portraying her as an apolitical organiser actively involved in rallies.


Following the closure of Manoto TV, recognised among Iranians for its attempts to gloss over the crimes of the Shah’s regime, SAVAK, and Parviz Sabeti, Elham wrote: “Manoto TV shed light at a time when darkness had engulfed all of Iran…!”


Borhan is one of Panthea’s close friends. She is known for her anti-social behaviour against supporters of PMOI/MEK in Paris, utilising the grammar and vocabulary often found in the state propaganda of the Iranian regime against the democratic opposition.


– Rokhsar Mohammad Khani


Rokhsar Mohammad Khali, devoid of any political background, unexpectedly transitioned into a political activist in London by cutting her hair at the onset of Iran’s 2022 uprising.


From the outset, her objective was to engage in slander against the PMOI/MEK and other anti-regime groups rather than advocating against the regime. Ms. Mohammad Khani also has connections with the known intelligence agent of the Iranian regime, Iraj Masadaghi, and shares his posts about the dictatorship of the monarchists.


Following the endorsement of the PMOI/MEK by members of the British Parliament, she initiated a campaign on her social media platforms, urging the representatives to retract their support for the Iranian Resistance. In their statement backing Iran’s resistance, the MPs and peers called for the designation of the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organisation.


Using a Telegram channel established for this purpose, Ms. Mohammad Khani urged others to write letters to their MPs, requesting them to retract their signatures in support of Iran’s Resistance movement. However, her efforts proved futile.


Ms. Mohammad Khani also worked as an analyst on Manoto TV. One of her colleagues during this period was Sara Davodian, known as “Parparpar20”. Additionally, she frequently travels to Iran.


– Elahe Jamali or Li Li


Prior to Iran’s 2022 uprising, she was not politically active and worked as an influencer. Suddenly, at the onset of the uprising, she began to regularly appear at Trafalgar Square with a loudspeaker, dressed as a “commando” in military hat and uniform.



Given that such actions benefit the criminal regime governing Iran, can it be inferred that the coordinated efforts of individuals such as Elahe Jamali, Elham Borhan, Sara Davodian, Habil Mahor, and Hossein Derakhshan extend beyond their own actions? Are they, in fact, the forefront of organised attacks orchestrated by the mullahs’ regime and monarchist supporters? Their objective seems to be to fracture the unity of the Iranian Diaspora, suppress the uprising, demoralise the Iranian populace, and prolong the lifespan of the criminal regime in Iran.