Iran: Three Weeks of Haft Tapeh Workers Strike & Protests + Video


Workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Mill in Shush continued their protest on Sunday, November 25, for the 21st consecutive day against unpaid wages, imprisonment of their colleagues and factory’s mismanagement by private owners, and marched towards the mayor’s office.

These workers have not received their wages for several months and they are now demanding payment of their salaries and removal of the owners of the company who have pushed the company toward bankruptcy. *(Watch Video of Today’s Demonstration).

The Iranian regime, however, unable and unwilling and unable to address the workers legitimate demands, has dispatched its security forces In response and arrested several protesters. But the workers continued strike and protests have forced the regime to release some of the arrested workers. The workers say they are determined to continue their protests until all their demands are met.

Angry at the mullahs regime for their reaction towards the workers’ just demands, the protesters are calling for the release of the detained workers. The workers of Ahvaz Steel company are also holding similar protests over unpaid wages for the 16th consecutive day. Congratulating the bond between the workers of the two factories, the protesters are chanting the following slogans: “(Ahvaz) Steel Workers, Hafte Tapeh Workers, your link is blessed.”

They are also defying the regime’s suppressive measures against the workers and chanting: “Neither threats nor prison have any effect any longer” and “Down with oppressor, Viva Workers.” They reiterated in their slogans, “Imprisoned workers must be freed.”

Parallel to the protests by Haft-Tapeh workers, there has been a number of other similar demonstrations across the country including the protests and strike by Ahvaz Steel workers and other strata of the society.

Iranian people across the country are criticizing the regime for paying for its foreign ventures out of their pockets and opposing the regime’s policies both inside the country and abroad. They are fed up with the corruption and poverty the mullahs have brought for them since the inception of the regime. They now see clearly that the only way to solve these problems is a democratic regime change in Iran by Iranian people and their organized resistance.

Watch Video of the Today’s Protest Here & Here.