Escalating Protests and Strikes in Iran

As teachers across Iran continue their nationwide strike for the second consecutive day on October 1st reaching more than 103 cities and truckers forced regime officials to succumb to three of their demands after three weeks of strikes, more reports are coming from numerous cities across Iran about people from all walks of life holding a variety of rallies.

While the Iranian regime is facing escalating social, economic and political crises, reports from inside Iran indicate that more people from all walks of life are holding strikes and protest rallies in numerous cities throughout the country with each day passing.

In Tehran, a group of Ph.D. students from universities across the country rallied in the country’s capital, protesting the lack of foreign currency based on government rates as promised by education officials. This Saturday rally outside the Ministry of Sciences building was held despite threats issued by education officials.

Also in Tehran, clients of the Sekeye Thaman credit company rallied on Saturday outside the public prosecutor’s office, demanding their stolen savings returned.

A group of firefighters in the city of Shadegan in southwest Iran rallied outside the Khuzestan governor office demanding higher paychecks. These individuals were protesting on behalf of 300 employees working for the firefighting service and demanding paychecks that are delayed for the past nine months.

Clients of the Kuye Farzan credit company in Tehran rallied outside the district mayor’s office. The protesters were seen holding a banner written: “We are requesting houses and criminals to be handed over to the judiciary.”

The Tuli Press Company in Qazvin has come to a complete standstill. The 370 employees have been banned from entering the site since Saturday. This factory had restarted its activities on October 6 after a two-month delay.

Moreover, Youths in the city of Behbahan, (also in Khuzestan Province) southwest Iran, rallied at the Friday prayer site again this week, protesting their unemployment while authorities are hiring non-locals to work in a nearby refiner.

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