Canadian MP Dean Allison Backs Iranian Opposition Convention In Paris


Dean Allison MP from Canada backing Iranian opposition convention

Canadian MP Dean Allison’s message to June 30 Free Iran convention Mr. Allison said the people of Iran seek freedom and democracy, and the rest of the world should be supporting them. Free Iran 2018

Dean Allison is a Canadian politician. He was elected to the House of Commons of Canada in the 2004 federal election for the new riding of Niagara West—Glanbrook. Allison is a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and has been re-elected in each subsequent election

Hi, I’m Dean Allison the Member of Parliament for nagger West, speaking to you from my nation’s capital Ottawa Ontario Canada, I’m thrilled to have had this opportunity to send this message although, I wish I was able to make this trip in person.

This weekend as an important gathering for Iran’s future because you are all here, because you have a positive alternative message and vision for Iran that its people can be proud of a democratic Iran, what we are currently seen from the Iranian people which we have realistically have seen for decades is the anger and discontent with the governing regime, the people of Iran are driving the call for a long lasting change towards democracy Iran has seen major uprisings since December of two thousand and seventeen in over hundred and forty of its cities.

the Iranian people are speaking out against a regime that funds terrorism throat the Middle East and beyond, there speaking out against the nuclear program that threatens regional security, and speaking out against the repression they face every single day, it is completely unacceptable that Iran’s theoretical government still tortures its citizens denies his people free and fair elections and uses this resources to build weapons of mass destruction.

the people of Iran are working hard to lay the foundations for a future where their country has ethical leadership, an independent judiciary, human rights and a vibrant democracy, I have every confidence that this new era will begin in our lifetime, thank you all for being here, I fully support the people of Iran in their ongoing resistance against the tyrannical fundamentalist and warmonger regime currently in place, it is going to be difficult and a lot of hard work but a brighter future of peace and freedom is possible.

thank you and I hope to see you all next year in Paris.