Representatives of U.S. Congress Call on West to Support Iranian People’s Desire for Change


Call for pressure on the Iranian regime to withdraw Quds forces and IRGC militiamen from the countries of the region

Two Republican delegates, Dana Rohrabacher and Judge Ted Poe, who are high-ranking members of the US House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee, called for western and international support for the Iranian people’s movement for change.

The two members of the US House of Representatives who upon the invitation of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) attended the conference “Iran: Horizons of Change in 2018” in Paris on February 23, said recent protests in Iran showed that people want a fundamental change.

They focused on the need for the United States and Europe to work together to continue the pressure on the regime and to help the Iranian people for their desired change.

The two Republican members of the House of Representatives have called on the United States and European countries to stand alongside the Iranian people and support them for the realization of their ideals and establishment of a democratic system based on human rights.

They emphasized that the ideal of Iranian people will not be achieved “except by the abolition of religious tyranny” in Iran.

The two Republican members called on their government to press the Iranian regime and force it to withdraw the Quds Force and paramilitary groups affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards from the countries of the region.

They also urged the US government to impose more sanctions on the authorities and institutions of the Iranian regime that were involved in suppressing demonstrators. They emphasized the necessity of providing the Internet and other means of communication for the people of Iran.

“It is imperative for the United States to officially admit that the Iranian people reject the corrupt and oppressive mullahs’ regime in Iran,” said Dana Rohrabacher in his speech at the conference. He added that members of the Congress and government of the United States should show that they stand alongside the Iranian nation, but not as a fanatical alliance.

Rep. Poe emphasized that the world community must hold the Iranian regime’s officials accountable for their atrocities and assist the people of Iran in their noble quest for freedom and democracy.

“The international community must hold Iran regime officials accountable for their crimes and support the people of Iran in their quest for freedom and democracy,” said Republican Rep. Ted Poe at the conference.

At the conference, a number of active Iranian youths, who have recently escaped from their country, were present at the conference as eyewitnesses of the situation in Iran and talked about the intense urge of the Iranian youth to change their country.

Most of the witnesses present at the conference were supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), some of whom were sentenced to prison because of their activities against the regime.

Ahmed Ghozali, former Algerian prime minister, and Rama Yade, former French human rights minister, as well as Yves Bonnet, former director of the French homeland security agency and former member of French national assembly, followed the conference, attended by politicians and experts from European and Islamic countries.

The two Republican members of the US House of Representatives also met with Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, at her headquarters in northern Paris on February 24th. They condemned the suppression of demonstrators by the Iranian regime and demanded the end of silence and neglect of the crimes of the Iranian regime.

The two Republican delegates called on their government to impose massive financial and banking sanctions on Iranian regime officials, in particular those involved in suppressing demonstrators.Congressmen also demanded U.S. government to vprovide facilities for the free access of the people of Iran to cyberspace and social networks.