Washington Rally In Solidarity With Iranian People Uprising For Regime Change


Thousands of Iranians and supporters of the NCRI staged a demonstration in Brussels on June 15, followed by a protest rally towards Schuman Square to express solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising and Resistance, particularly the resistance units inside the country, for regime change in Iran.

The demonstrators condemned the abhorrent violation of human rights in Iran and the Iranian regime’s instigation of terrorism and warmongering in the region. This was the first of at least four other scheduled protest rallies that will be held across Europe and North Americas in June and July 2019.

In the United States, thousands from some 40 states will gather in front of the State Department in Washington D.C. followed by a rally towards the White House on June 21, 2019, to say no to mullahs’ terrorism, no to human rights violations in Iran and no to Iranian regime misogyny.

The demonstrators will express solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising and call on the international community to recognize their right for regime change in Iran. They will also express their support for the Iranian opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and Mrs. Rajavi’s 10-Point Platform for future Free Iran as the only democratic alternative to the mullahs religious fascism ruling the country.

Similar rallies will be held by Iranians in Berlin (Germany) on July 6, in Stockholm (Sweden) on July 20, and in London (U.K.) on July 27, 2019.

The Iranian Communities in the U.S. represented by OIAC (@OrgIAC) are inviting Iranians and other people to join the rally to support human rights and regime change in Iran. Anyone in favor of should join and support them.