Iran Floods Continue to Wreak Havoc in Small Cities and Villages


Floods that began in northern parts of Iran earlier in March quickly propagated to other areas where at least 25 provinces across the country have been affected by the floods. Latest reports from already flood-hit areas show floodwaters are advancing again and rising to even one meter in many villages of various areas including Aq Qala in Golestan Province, northeast Iran, that was hit severely with floods for over a month now, and the locals are yet again witnessing water advancing towards their residential areas and farms.

The district of Kal Abad in the northern area of Aq Qala is seeing water levels rising in the streets. This has resulted in many school closures across this city.

The Iranian regime authorities have been constantly claiming the flood is under control and has been resolved. Locals in such areas across the country, however, say that they have not yet received any adequate state aid.

Meanwhile, the district government office in Hamidiyeh, Khuzestan province, announced on Tuesday that three villages in the vicinity of Hamidiyeh county are still submerged in floodwaters and the floods threaten three more villages in the nearby vicinity revealing that no government help has been provided since the floods hit the villages.

“Some residents of the flood-hit areas are still living in tents, more than a month since the start of the floods in this area,” the administrator of district government office said.

Furthermore, an environmentalist studying the situation there revealed “poor engineering designs of infrastructure” and the regime’s “incompetence” in building bridges.

“Over 400 bridges that are less than 50 years old have been destroyed during the recent floods in Iran, whereas the Sasani Bridge that was built around two thousand years ago still stands. This proves our incompetent government management and poor engineering designs of our infrastructures,” the environmental expert said.

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