NCRI Supporters In Canada Urge Terrorist Designation of IRGC & MOIS


Supporters of Iranian Resistance (NCRI) residing in Canada urged the Canadian government to endorse terrorist designation of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) by the U.S. and blacklist IRGC and the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) as terrorist entities. The IRGC is the pillar of mullahs’ regime for suppression and human rights abuses in Iran and pursuing nuclear ambitions, missile development and exporting terrorism across the globe.

In Toronto, NCRI supporters gathered in Mel-Lastman Square on Saturday in solidarity with the victims of the devastating floods in Iran that swept one-third of the country particularly the west and southwest provinces. They also expressed support for Iran Protests and urged immediate release of all political prisoners and those who were arrested by Iran’s security forces and MOIS agents following the floods and in the past year. (Watch a Video of Demonstration Here & Here)

Millions of people are facing extreme circumstances following unprecedented floods in Iran. According to reports, the flood still continues to hit many cities and villages. Iranians across the country, especially in the flood-hit areas, are extremely angry over the inaction of officials and local authorities failing to provide any aid to those in immediate need of food and shelter and other basic necessities.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the regime in Iran is providing millions of dollars to Iraq & Syria under the pretext of rebuilding Shrines while millions are suffering from floods inside Iran and are in desperate need of funds and support to provide for their basic necessities. 

In Ottawa, Freedom-loving Iranians and human rights activists staged a demonstration in front of the Parliament Hill on Saturday to show their support for Iran’s main opposition (NCRI & PMOI/MEK) as the only democratic alternative and indispensable force for change in Iran.

The demonstrators urged Canada to designate Iran’s IRGC and MOIS as terrorist organizations as an imperative to security and peace in the Middle East and the rest of the world including Canada. The IRGC and MOIS are the sources of numerous foiled terrorist plots in the U.S. and on European soil.

Tehran’s malevolent behavior is not limited to interfering in other countries’ affairs and terrorist activities abroad. The Mullahs sacrifice the Iranian people’s most basic necessities through plundering and wasting the national wealth on the heavy expenses of expanding their nuclear apparatus including missile development and testing as well as fueling their destructive foreign adventurism.

The regime in Iran is oppressing the Iranian people’s needs in order to stay in power and is deaf to the freedom-loving younger generation’s legitimate demands and call for justice and democratic change. Despite all this, the regime’s entire crackdown apparatus has never been able to overcome the Iranian people’s courage and bright perspective for future. The world must recognize Iranian people’s resistance for freedom and democracy and their undeniable rights for regime change in Iran.