Iran’s Regime Spending $30 Million in Iraq & Syria to Rebuild Shrines While Millions Suffering From Floods Inside Iran


The regime in Iran is providing millions of dollars to Iraq & Syria under the pretext of rebuilding Shrines while millions are suffering from floods inside Iran and are in desperate need of funds and support to provide for their basic necessities. 

It has been over a month since the devastating floods in Iran has washed away more than half of the country’s lands leaving the lives of more than 11 million people in two third of the country’s provinces in ruins.

Millions of people are facing extreme circumstances after unprecedented floods swept their cities, towns, and villages. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, and there is growing criticism and expectations for authorities to live up to their promises of rebuilding these devastated areas.

Iranians across the country, especially in the flood-hit areas in western and southwest provinces, are extremely angry over the inaction of officials and local authorities failing to provide any aid to those in immediate need of food and shelter and other basic necessities.

While there is a desperate need for the people in flooded areas to receive state funds to provide them with the least basic necessities, on Saturday some state-run media reported that the mullahs ruling Iran has paid 1.2 trillion Rials (equal to about $30 million dollars) to Iraq and Syria under the pretext of rebuilding Shrines there.

The head of the regime’s corrupt institution known as the “Department for Rebuilding Sacred Shrines,” acknowledged the amount but reacted to the growing popular anger at the authorities calling their criticism propaganda against the state while the regime is spending so much on the extraterritorial projects when people in flooded areas in Iran are in desperate need of their basic needs.

Referring to the convoys of goods and the money paid to militants under the pretext of rebuilding the war-torn country of Syria and Iraq, the regime official tried to sidestep the question and avoid a response. He defended the regime’s heinous actions as if people defend their wrongdoings and flagrantly said: “Some people wrongfully question the formation of Arbaeen convoys and ask whether it was not better to spend this money for those Iranians in need, rather than to spend on foreign missions? This is creating doubt in people’s mind.”

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