Tangible Prospects of Democratic Change in Iran


The widespread discontent across Iran is still very much in the forefront. Last year was marked by major protests and anti-government demonstrations and this year is set to continue in the same way.

The Iranian people have made it very clear that they will not tolerate the regime’s corruption and mismanagement and they are determined to end the mullahs’ corrupt rule and that they are adamant regime change will occur soon.

Over the course of the protests and uprising, angry protesters took to the streets in several cities across the country, including Railways and Steel Workers in Ahvaz, Students and Youth in Tehran, Farmers and Teachers in Isfahan, as well as Other Strata of Iranian society including Sugarcane WorkersGovernment Retirees, Truckers, looted Depositors of government affiliated financial institutions and Bazaar Merchants in various cities across the country. This was  concurrently followed by Iranian Activists Demonstrations in Canada and a number of other countries across the world to support the Iranian protesters for democratic regime change in Iran.

Iran Protests in 2019 – Protests in Various Cities

In the capital city of Tehran, young people staged a sit-in at the parliament building because of the terrible economic and employment conditions. Many of them held banners indicating their personal situation or their particular struggle.

Young people, those with higher education and those without, are often condemned to unemployment. Unemployment is a very serious issue and is one of the main reasons for ongoing protests. Several other protests occurred across the city, including by customers who had purchased and paid for a vehicle (Car) from the government institutions only to never receive them. The Iranian people have been calling the state-run vehicle manufacturers out for their corrupt practices.

Raja’i Shahr Prison Guards Attack Religious Minority Inmates – Prison guards, a number of Intelligence agents and prison warden attacked religious minority inmates in Raja’i Shahr prison in Karaj, Alborz Province.

The anti-riot units used tear gas and attacked the inmates using batons. The legs of a number of the inmates were broken in this attack. This raid, taking place Wednesday morning on the order of the warder, Ziaei, involved units equipped with anti-riot gear and tear gas attacking Hall 21 of Ward 7 in this prison. Further reports on the attack against Sunni prisoners indicate hundreds of such anti-riot unit members took part in this vicious raid.

Qazvin (West of Tehran) – The protest gathering of educators in Asfourin district in front of the governorate.

On Thursday, Feb. 7, teachers from the Asfarin district of Qazvin province protested against the provincial governorates against the false promises of housing cooperatives and the lack of judicial review of the province after 12 years.

Karaj (West of Tehran) – A protest rally of the workers of the municipality of Karaj in front of the municipality in protest of payment delays On Thursday, February 7, Karaj municipality workers launched a protest rally in protest against the failure to pay their salaries.

The protest rally in front of the Alhadi Science Office in Mashhad On Thursday, February 7, a mass gathering of the Padideh private depository was held in front of the Mullah Alam al-Hoda office in Mashhad.

In the afternoon of Thursday, February 7, hundreds of people staged protest gathering near Isfahan’s Zayandeh Rood against government policies.

Activities of Iranian Resistance Units Inside the Country

Members of the Resistance Units (rebellion units), a vast network associated directly to the PMOI/MEK, are carrying out various measures to commemorate fallen heroes (senior MEK members killed back in the early 1980s by the regime’s IRGC). They are also taking other measures including setting up the Photos and Posters of the Resistance leaders and setting on fire the regime’s highest officials (including the Supreme Leader’s) posters and symbols to show their resolve for regime change in Iran.

The tangible prospects of a democratic change in Iran is generally clear. All the evidence indicate that the inevitable regime change in Iran will occur rather sooner than it appears by the Iranian people and their organized Resistance. The time has come for the international community to recognize and support the Iranian people’s rights to resistance and freedom and their desire for regime change. This topic will be discussed further.

Original Report modified by IDA.