Rouhani Praises the Revolutionary Guards, as He Fears the End of Appeasement Era – #iran #FreeIran

NCRI October 12, 2017:

Hassan Rouhani, the president of the clerical regime, praised the Revolutionary Guards, the main source of suppression and plunder inside Iran, and export of terrorism and warmongering abroad, and called it beloved of the hearts. “If the United States wants to commit another mistake and take action against the Revolutionary Guards, this is a bigger mistake; the Revolutionary Guard is not just a military unit, but the Guards are in the hearts of this people,” he said in a speech at a government cabinet meeting in fear of a terrorist designation of the Revolutionary Guards.

Rouhani described the hidden occupation of Iraq and the killing of the Syrian people and the capture of Lebanon as a rescue of these countries and said: “The Revolutionary Guard is “not only popular among the people of Iran, but also the people of Iraq because it saved Baghdad; it’s popular among the Kurds of Iraq, because it saved Erbil; and it is popular among the people of Damascus and Syria as well, because it saved Damascus; it is also popular among the people of Lebanon because it has been a supporter of Lebanon’s independence and well-being; the Revolutionary Guards have always been helping the oppressed and standing up against the terrorists. ” (FARS, IRGC News Agency – Oct. 11 )

These are the statements of the president of a regime whose old ties to al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and its role as the main party that set the ground for the establishment of ISIS, are clear to everyone today. He praises the bloodthirsty Guards who are responsible for the slaughter of at least 500,000 innocent people in Syria, displacing more than half of Syrian population, bloodshed in Iraq, and waging war and slaughter in Yemen.

Rouhani emphasized his allegiance to Khamenei and said, “As long as we are all obedient to the leader, our country will face no problem.” He is the one who, in the presidential election propaganda, acknowledged that the rulers of the country “had only been executing and imprisoning for 38 years”. However, when he faced Khamenei’s wrath, he announced that he is ready to kiss the hands of “intellectual leader”.

Rouhani is the president of a regime that has been using anti-imperialism slogans as an instrument to stay in power for the past 38 years; but now, in the horror of the end of the appeasement policy and the period of concessions that he had received from the West continually, he describes the US previous administration as lawful, and calls the behaviour of the current administrant as shameful. “The president of the United States, arguing that he is against whatever the previous president has done, commits these actions and this is really shameful to the US government that its argument is that it opposes whatever the previous administration had done.”

These remarks once again indicate how ridiculous is to portrait Rouhani as moderate while he has a background for 38 years of participation in repression and warmongering. Even if he manifests himself as a moderate in order to save the crisis-stricken regime, wherever necessary he acknowledges to being a servant for the Revolutionary Guards and the Vali-e Faqih.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 12, 2017