International “Free Iran” Conference in Ashraf 3 – MEK Residence in Albania


On Saturday July 13, the Iranian opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) coalition and its main member group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), held their annual international “Free Iran” conference in Ashraf 3, home to MEK members in Albania.

Former PMOI/MEK Secretary-General Fahimeh Arvani delivered the opening remarks focusing on Ashraf 3 and how the Iranian Resistance movement has been able to continue its struggle for freedom in Iran thanks to the perseverance of MEK members and supporters through the years.

Ms. Arvani thanked all the distinguished guests who “are with us here today and those who couldn’t join us,” for all their support in all these years, and added: “Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi has led this movement and today we are witnessing the regime in Iran on the brink of overthrow.”

“The (PMOI/MEK’s) Resistance Units have spread across Iran and accomplished their role in the best of forms. They are directing protests and demonstrations inside Iran and we are now in an extraordinary period, especially today, in Ashraf 3. This gathering with your presence has a very strong message for the Iranian people. On behalf of the PMOI/MEK members, I am honored to thank every single one of you, and I send my salutations to the Resistance Units,” She continued.

Hundreds of lawmakers, officials and prominent personalities from across the world join the 2019 Free Iran conference in Albania where they were greeted by cheers and applause from flag-waving MEK members and supporters in Ashraf 3.

The Iranian Opposition (NCRI) President Maryam Rajavi was the event’s keynote speaker at “Free Iran” conference in Ashraf 3. She said: “Ashraf 3 welcomes you all. Twenty months ago, this was a piece of land with nothing on it.

“At the hands of the Mojahedin, however, through their enormous efforts and hard work, Ashraf 3 was built and now stands tall. But our final destination is Tehran, freed from the occupation of the mullahs,” Mrs. Rajavi said welcoming the international dignitaries at the rally.”

“… Ashraf 3 stands tall along this long journey, a journey that has had many new beginnings and revivals throughout. On this path, we endured ten years of blood-drenched perseverance at the besieged Camp Ashraf and another four years full of determination at a slaughter house called Camp Liberty (in Iraq),” she added.

On the first anniversary of the start of resistance against the mullahs, (The Iranian Resistance leader) Massoud Rajavi said: “The triumph of our resistance will remove not only one of the greatest obstacles before contemporary revolutions but in fact, the most important cause of their deviation and disintegration, namely the violation of the sacred parameters of freedom under various pretexts and excuses. The revival of the concept of freedom will resurrect humanity as well as defeated revolutions,” Mrs. Rajavi pointed out.

According to Mrs. Rajavi, the Resistance leader (Massoud) said. “For a nation to appreciate her own freedom, she must ultimately free herself on her own… And it is precisely for this reason that we are responsible to advance the goal of a general uprising for the freedom of our people and our country.”

Describing the reasons behind the Iranian regime’s recent war mongering, and escalations, Mrs. Rajavi added, “Clearly, the regime is fueling tensions in a bid to push back against the international community. They foment turmoil and chaos to hide their fear of being overthrown. They want firmness to be replaced with the policy of appeasement. And they want to allay fears and anxieties of their Basij forces and Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and to preserve their internal balance and equilibrium.”

Mrs. Rajavi continued: “The mullahs are counting on inaction and tolerance on the part of the international community. Their calculation is that terrorist operations and warmongering in the region’s countries will not cost them very much, at least until the next U.S. presidential election.”

A number of other speakers also spoke at the conference including Senator Robert Torricelli, Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Former U.S. Vice Presidential Candidate Senator Joe Lieberman, former French minister of foreign affairs, defense, interior, and justice MEP Michèle Alliot-Marie, Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, former foreign minister of France Dr. Bernard Kouchner, Former Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, Former Algerian Prime Minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali, U.S. Amb. Lincoln Bloomfield, former Albanian Prime Minister and President Sali Berisha, former Columbian presidential candidate Sen. Ingrid Betancourt, and a large number of other prominent personalities and delegations from Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.

The international Free Iran conference 2019 followed the Day 2 event of the 5-Days Grand Gathering of Iranian Resistance in Ashraf 3 in Tirana (Albania). Earlier, on Day 2, a conference honored 120 Years of the Struggle by Iran’s People for Freedom

An international conference on women’s rights titled “International Conference on Women’s Leadership in Ashraf 3: Women in Iranian Resistance – Defying the Misogynist Regime, Paying the Price of Freedom” was also held on Sunday July 14 on Day 4 of the gatherings.

The events concluded on the 5th Day by a conference calling for justice for the victims of 1988 Massacre in Iran. The conference titled “International Conference: Perpetrators of 1988 Massacre in Iran Must be Tried” called on the international community to put the criminal regime officials on trial in international courts and hold them accountable for the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988 in Iran.

(Watch a Video of the 5th day Conference Here)