Iran Regime Rejects A Bill That Could Prevent Violence Against Women


The Iranian Regime’s Judiciary has called for fundamental revision of the Provision of Security for Women Against Violence (PSW), expressing doubts about the effectiveness of the bill saying the heavy punishments stipulated in the bill for violations of women’s rights (i.e. putting a husband, for example, in jail for beating his wife) may actually weaken the family structure, (according to a report by NCRI).

The Judiciary’s first deputy minister and spokesman, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Eje’ii, said: “The objective of adopting this bill is to fortify the family environment so that women, spouses and others, would feel secure in every respect. Now, the question is whether the articles contained in the PSW bill would provide such security or not.”

He argued that Iran’s general policy is “de-imprisonment” which begs the question why Iran’s prisons are filled with prisoners some three to four times their capacity, and that the bill advocates imprisonment as a punishment for every “minor violation”, a phrase that should be translated to every act of violence against women.

Eje’ii said: “The PSW bill contains numerous problems such that it could not be reformed. The solution is to draft a totally different bill or to reform the existing bill only in collaboration with the government.”

This ridiculous notion was echoed by the Judiciary’s cultural deputy, Hadi Sadeqi, who argued that it was impossible for the PSW bill to support women if it sent their husbands to jail. He described the act of imprisoning domestic abusers as “the greatest blow to women and families.”

Sadeghi said: “When a woman sends her husband to jail, then that man can never be a husband for her again, and the woman must accept the risk of getting divorced in advance.”

While Iranian women continue to fight for equality, rejection of the bill clearly shows that the Iranian Judiciary and the whole regime do not take violence against women seriously, and do not care especially when a husband commits the violence because this, in addition to rejecting suppression of women by the ruling regime, would violate the mullahs’ misogynous ideology and practice.

It also shows that the Regime has no idea about the destructive impact of domestic violence on women or the family as a whole. Indeed, if one were to look at the increasing divorce rates, women suicides and runaways, as well as most cases of female death-row inmates, they would find that the majority are linked to domestic violence and that their root cause is the misogynous ideology and practice of the mullahs as mentioned above.

The regime officials have been blocking the PSW bill for over 13 years, not because they oppose imprisonment, but because they don’t care about women’s right. That’s why they arrest women who protest the forced hijab, for example, and refuse to increase the age of marriage for girls from 9 lunar years to 15, which would still be horrifyingly young.