U.S. Voices Support For Iranian Teachers’ Nationwide Strike

Students Showing Support For Their Teachers’ Strike Across Iran

Report by PMOI/MEK

In a new development, the U.S. State Department spokesperson voiced support for the Iranian teachers’ nationwide strike sweeping across the country on Sunday October 14 that continued on Monday and Tuesday. In Iran, schools are open from Saturday to Thursday, and closed on Fridays only.

“We are following the reports of nationwide strikes in #Iran. We support the right of the Iranian people to peacefully express their rightful demands. These strikes have a message for the regime: stop wasting Iran’s wealth abroad and start addressing the needs of your own people,” tweeted Heather Nauert (@statedeptspox) on October 15, 2018.

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The freedom-loving teachers’ strike spread to 103 cities across the country, including Tehran, Isfahan, Shahin Shahr, Karaj and many others, protesting unbearable living conditions and the heavy security measures in schools and college campuses. This strike spread to 29 of Iran’s 31 provinces.

Students of Tehran University’s School of Social Sciences held a protest rally Monday afternoon and refused to show up for some of their afternoon classes. This was in support of their protesting teachers.

The students were voicing slogans ridiculing the speech delivered by Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani calling for “hope therapy” to overcome the current crises in Iran. They were also holding signs expressing their support for their teachers’ nationwide strike and called on authorities to meet the teachers’ demands of better living conditions and the release of imprisoned teachers.

A number of telephone and communications workers issued a statement expressing their support of the protesting teachers’ strike.

“The teachers’ demands are very similar to those raised by the drivers and other hardworking people across the country. They are protesting high prices, inflation, the unprecedented drop in the people’s purchasing power, oppressive measures against teachers’ independent organizations and the imprisonment of their colleagues. We hail the protesting teachers and voice our support for their demands. We stand shoulder to shoulder with them in their effort to establish a free and equal society.”

Members of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers Syndicate also issued a statement expressing their support for the protesting teachers’ nationwide strike.

“Teachers are among Iran’s workers’ class. They are calling for the release of their jailed colleagues, protesting inflation, poverty and extremely poor living conditions, demanding a decent life, fair wages… We, the members of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers Syndicate, stand alongside these brave teachers and have no doubt that victory is ours.”

As teachers across Iran continue their nationwide strike for the second consecutive day on Monday reaching 103 cities, and truckers forced regime officials to succumb to three of their demands after three weeks of strikes, more reports are coming from numerous cities across Iran about people from all walks of life holding a variety of rallies.

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