Iran: People’s Health Endangered by Corruption of Regime Officials


While the Iranian people and hospitals are lacking access to vital medical supplies and equipment, Iran regime officials and their relatives are spending the country’s health budget to fill their own pockets and to expand their agendas in foreign country.

The unchecked corruption of government officials in handling the healthcare supply chain is taking its toll on the health of the Iranian population.

The hospitals in Iran are faced with shortage of vital medical supplies. “We are faced with a shortage of medicine and equipment,” says chief of research at aids department in the so-called Khomeini’s hospital.

In some cases sensitive medical material is reused endangering patients’ health. Moreover, experts have warned against the smuggling of low quality medical goods.

All of this is happening while every year a huge budget is allocated to medical expenditures. “The budget that has been allocated (to medical expenditures) has tripled,” said Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani, member of the parliament’s health commission.

Every year, Iran allocates $1 Billion to the import of medical goods. Another $1 Billion is given to companies at low exchange rates to import medical material and equipment.

However, a large part of the money is absorbed by corrupt practices. In one case, the daughter of a former minister was found to be hoarding $500,000 worth of medication.

In 2017, inspections discovered more than 6,000 cases of smuggling involving medical products. “The cycle of procuring medication has turned into a confusing mess,” wrote state-run Hamshahri daily.

But regime officials refuse to acknowledge the situation and their role in creating it. “The shortage of medicine is natural,” says spokesperson for Iran’s ministry of health.

While critical patients in Iran’s hospitals lack the most basic needs, the Iranian regime continues to plunder the people’s wealth to wage war in the region.

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