Free Iran Gathering Enhances Hopes For Democracy in Iran, Peace in the Region


For the past four decades, the Iranian regime has actively been the most destructive force across the region. The Middle East and the Islamic world will only experience peace and tranquility once Iran undergoes fundamental change.

The December/January nationwide protests in Iran that rocked the regime to its core are continuing in different shapes and form this year, much to the shock of many Iran analysts.

More than 140 cities were witnessing major revolts, all in the span of just a few days. This proved to Iran’s regime and the world over that the people are willing to take dire action and rid their country of this regime.

Today, people from all walks of life are taking part in these protest rallies, all indicating the entire population is completely fed up with this regime.

These protests are specifically calling for regime change and this is no longer limited to Iran’s urban middle class, as farmers and many others are joining calls for such a sweeping demand.

Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has described the road ahead as a “year full of uprising” and how the people will ultimately prevail over the regime.

This is the time that the United States and the international community should take advantage of these historic circumstances and rise in support of the Iranian people in a firm fashion.

The Iranian Diaspora living abroad is scheduling a major gathering on June 30 in Paris to voice the Iranian people’s yearn for freedom and democracy and their demand for regime change in Iran. Over 100,000 are expected to take part alongside hundreds of MPs, former and current states-persons, and a variety of human rights advocates and other advocates.

Support expressed by the West and any other country would send vivid messages to the Iranian people that the world is finally serious about standing shoulder to shoulder with them to realize fundamental change in this ancient country.

Rest assured the Iranian people will rise to the occasion and topple the ruling mullahs.

The Free Iran Gathering in Paris supports the Iranian people’s uprising and their quest for freedom and democracy, and introduces the Democratic Alternative for future Iran. The Free Iran Gathering will enhance hopes for freedom and democracy in Iran and peace and security in the region.

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