Paris NCRI Conference Commemorates 2022 Iran Uprising Anniversary


On Thursday, September 7, 2023, a conference titled “Iran Nationwide Uprising, One Year After” took place, featuring prominent international figures. Notable attendees included Congressman Randy Weber from the US House of Representatives, Senator Gerry Horkan from Ireland, and Mr. Jim Higgins, former Minister and Vice President of the Irish Delegation to the European Parliament.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, commenced the conference by extending a warm welcome to the distinguished guests. She emphasized the extensive experience of the Iranian Resistance and the PMOI/MEK in the fight for freedom, spanning over half a century, during which they confronted both the Shah’s dictatorship and the clerical regime.

Noting that September 16 marks the anniversary of the nationwide uprising in Iran, Mrs. Rajavi stated, “In the face of the culture of resistance and perseverance of the Iranian people and Resistance, the regime tries to delay its downfall by intensifying suppression. The Resistance network inside Iran continues to expand, with an increasing number of young women and men joining the ranks of the MEK network and Resistance Units. For years, the regime deliberately avoided mentioning the MEK and NCRI in an attempt to sell its big lie that there is no viable alternative and that the democratic opposition had no support within the country.

However, the presence and activities of the Resistance Units and the Resistance’s network have reached such a level that the regime was forced to change its position on this matter. Today, the regime’s officials openly acknowledge their concern about the decisive role of the MEK Resistance Units in the uprising and their concern about the growing number of youths supporting our goals.

On July 12, 2023, the regime’s parliament speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, while summing up the uprising, said, “PMOI had the biggest role in organizing and carrying out these protests.”

Therefore, the regime has intensified its demonization campaign against the NCRI and PMOI, also resorting to terrorism, hostage-taking, and other intimidating means to compel other countries to restrict the legitimate activities of the Iranian opposition.


The regime’s focus on PMOI members in Ashraf-3 demonstrates its fear of their impactful role. But let it be clear, nothing can prevent the PMOI and the residents of Ashraf from pursuing their goal to liberate Iran.”

Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that the policy of appeasement toward the regime has contributed to its survival, and a new policy is long overdue. The Iranian people’s quest for freedom and democracy will persist until the overthrow of the brutal regime.

She asserted that the regime’s atrocities will not deter the Iranian people and the Resistance but will only further strengthen their determination to pay the price for a free and democratic Iran, determined by the people’s vote.

Congressman Randy Weber, Paris, September 6, 2023
Congressman Randy Weber, Paris, September 6, 2023

In an inspiring speech, US Representative Randy Weber condemned the Iranian regime’s systematic “crushing the free will of secular citizens and persecuted religious minorities and even conscientious but independent-minded Muslims”, stating, “This revolution, this time, is focused on ending any kind of dictatorship in Iran. To discard the mullahs is not to restore the monarchs. Yet there is another path, as your freedom fighters’ famous slogan demands, death to the dictator, be it the Shah or the leader.

By overthrowing the Shah’s dictatorship with all of its military might, the people of Iran showed their dedication and willingness to sacrifice. Indeed, the 1979 revolution was rooted in the desire for freedom, democracy, and human rights. But the clerics led by the Ayatollah Khomeini stole the revolution, consolidated power within the first year, eliminated any voices of dissent, repressed the forces of freedom, and waged war on the Iranian people. Still, 44 years later, the desire of the Iranian people for the original goals of the 1979 revolution are alive and even deeper.”

“The struggle for a free Iran is clearly not a recent development,” Representative Weber added. “It has been a long and arduous journey marked by countless sacrifices. Brave men and women from all walks of life have taken to the streets advocating for their rights and demanding change. Their courage in the face of brutality is a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Iranian people.”

Congressman Weber also said, “You may have heard that America’s government is deeply divided along partisan lines, and in many respects, that is true. But on the issue of a free Iran, the United States Congress is incredibly united. With strong bipartisan support, my colleagues and I have put forward a congressional resolution in support of that 10-point plan.”

In the end, Congressman Randy Weber called upon counterparts in democratic parliaments worldwide to join in supporting the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. He also called on his peers worldwide to reaffirm their dedication to standing with the Iranian people in their pursuit of freedom, democracy, and human rights.


Also present at this meeting was Mr. Gerry Horkan, a member of the Irish Senate, who expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by the Iranian Resistance to raise awareness about the Iranian regime’s atrocities and dangers. He also commended their leadership in the struggle to fulfill the aspirations of nearly 90 million Iranians.

Senator Horkan said, “We are here to support yourselves, the NCRI, in your quest for what you’re asking for is democracy. You’re asking for people to have what we have. You’re not saying we replace one dictatorship with a different dictatorship. You’re saying we want the 10-point plan that gives religious freedom, that gives equality, gender equality, and to all nationalities, to all different faiths and so on, people of faith and none, that you are saying we will be available to provide an interim government, but we want the people to be able to vote for a government of which no doubt you will put yourselves forward and I hope you’ll be successful, but you’re asking for democracy.

3,600 parliamentarians from 40 different countries are supporting the NCRI, and I’ve signed up to that, including in the Irish Parliament, where we have signed motions and supported motions in favor of the 10-point plan, in favor of freedom in Iran.”

Paris conference, Paris September 6Former Irish Minister and former member of the European Parliament Jim Higgins who addressed the conference, shared his experience about Tehran’s devious agenda to undermine the reputation of the Iranian Resistance.

Referring to the Iranian regime, he stated, “They are deadly, they are dangerous, and they are devious. And they will do anything, literally, to undermine the reputation of the PMOI. But they won’t succeed. Because the PMOI have ridden out all of the stings and arrows and propaganda that has been foisted against them.”

Mr. Higgins added, “It’s important that collectively, as countries, that we get together, that we roll up our sleeves, that we work collectively, that we put our economic interests, such as oil and resources, that instead of doing under-the-counter deals with the regime, at the same time making all kinds of promises and pledges in relation to supporting the PMOI and the MEK, that we take collective action across the board, that there’s total international solidarity at United Nations level, at European Union level, and across the board to make sure that once and for all, we ostracize, we isolate, and we make sure that the world sees on the world stage the pariahs that these people are and that we make it happen.”

In concluding his words, Mr. Higgins stressed that the Free Iran movement enjoys support from all political parties and on different sides of the aisle, wishing that “one day, freedom will come to Iran by way of Mrs. Rajavi’s 10-point plan that is long overdue.”