The Albanian government took decisive action against an Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) agent on Wednesday. Albania’s Top Channel News reported the decision in a Wednesday broadcast. “Another Iranian individual has been designated by Albanian authorities as persona non grata (unwelcomed element) for his actions against the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) in Albania, and signs indicate he will be expelled from Albania in the coming hours,” the report said. He will be banned from entering Albania for 15 years.

The agent was identified as Danial Kasraie, a 29-year-old Iranian national with Italian citizenship. He is accused of espionage and intention to penetrate the MEK on behalf of the MOIS and has been classified as a threat to public security by Albanian anti-terrorism agencies. Albanian Interior Minister Sandër Lleshaj signed Decision Number 172 ordering Kasraie’s expulsion. The order is expected to be carried out within hours.

Kasraie stationed himself near Ashraf 3, the MEK’s headquarters in Albania, where he repeatedly tried to recruit current or former MEK members on behalf of the Iranian regime. He falsely claimed to be a reporter earning a monthly salary of 7,000 euros. He would occasionally impersonate Albanian secret police with the use of forged identification. The National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI)  Security and Counterterrorism Commission released a statement on November 19, 2019, exposing Kasraie’s activities in Albania and calling for his expulsion.

The investigation into MOIS espionage in Albania continues, as Kasraie does not appear to have been acting alone. The Top Channel TV report added, “Other such individuals are under investigation on the suspicion of collaborating with [Kasraie], who is an MOIS operative aiming to penetrate into the ranks of MEK members.”


Kasraie is the third MOIS operative to be expelled from Albania this year. The Iranian regime has targeted Albania since the MEK relocated its members to the European country from Iraq, after the regime’s unsuccessful campaign to eliminate the organization through a series of missile attacks.

Albanian authorities foiled a 2018 bombing attempt on a MEK Nowruz celebration near the capital city of Tirana. The bombing attempt was linked to an Iranian regime diplomat, who was later expelled from Albania. Earlier this year, two more Iranian regime diplomats were expelled from the country for spying against the MEK, and a regime-run educational center was shuttered after it was exposed as a cover for espionage activities against the MEK.


The NCRI’s Committee on Security and Counterterrorism urges all Iranians in European countries to provide information on Iranian regime agents to law enforcement agents.

The NCRI also stresses once again:

  • Agents and operatives of the MOIS, the IRGC, and the Quds Force must be prosecuted and expelled from European countries.
  • The MOIS and the IRGC must be added to the European Union’s list of terrorist organizations.
  • The regime’s embassies must be closed.