Coronavirus Spreads Across Iran, Regime Takes No Action


Official reports from the Iranian regime confirm the spread of the deadly Coronavirus has so far takethe lives of five people and infected over 200.

Yet, the Iranian regime has not taken any preventive measures and necessary action. Local reports indicate that the number of deaths is higher than the figure announced by the regime.  

Earlier this week, state-run media reported that two Iranians have died in Qom after testing positive for the new Coronavirus. Three more patients have been announced suspected of the virus in Babol, northern Iran, and Arak, central Iran.  

The authorities are refusing to announce the actual number of those effected and deceased. This is while the residents of Qom put the number of deaths at 12 and those infected at more than 200.

“People are being treated for the virus in at least four different cities, including the capital, Tehran, where some pharmacies had already run out of masks and hand sanitizer. Other cities are Qom, Arak and Rasht.” the AP reported on February 22.  

Experts say the sudden announcement indicates that the virus had spread among the populace. The number of deaths is a small percentage of those infected. 

Yet in a shameless statement, Kianush Jahanpurthe Head of Public Relations and Information Center at the regime’s Ministry of Health, said that the two infected people passed away in a hospital in Qom due to respiratory illnesses. 

There have been reports of coronavirus in various parts of Iran, but the authorities have not confirmed them. An unspecified number of suspected cases are currently under quarantine. 

The new coronavirus has been detected in at least two dozen countries. The epidemic has taken the lives of more than 2,400 people so far and infected more than 74,000. 

Instead of taking necessary steps, the regime has started a massive campaign of coverup. People in Qom are saying that routine travel to China, including unrestricted travel by Chinese clerics and theology students hired by the regime, is a primary cause of the spread of the virus. 

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to immediately dispatch its supervisory and medical teams to Iran to not allow a rise in the number of Corona virus victims.

Mrs. Rajavi also emphasized that the mullahs’ regime must put all medical resources at the disposal of physicians and nurses in different cities to enable them to attend to those suffering from the virus and to cure them.