Despite freezing temperatures Iranians gather to commemorate 1979 revolution & 1500 fallen in Iran Protests


Several Iranian Communities, including Iran Democratic Association, Women against Fundamentalisms, Iranian Canadian Artists Association gathered at The Toronto Old City hall to celebrate the 41st anniversary of the anti-Monarchy revolution that was stolen by the Mullahs.

They also saluted the Chief Commander Mussa Khiabani and Ashraf Rajavi and their associates who lost their lives in an unjust struggle with the So-called revolutionary Guards.


The Iranians also paid their respect to 1500 Iranian defiant Youth as well as the 170 innocent victims of the missile attack to the Ukrainian flight shot recently by Revolutionary Guards in Iran.

The Demonstrators Chanted slogans against the regimes of Ayatollahs and Monarchy and demanded that Mrs., Maryam Rajavi the president-elect of the Iranian resistance be recognized by the international Communities as the sole alternative to the Mullahs regime of Iran.

They Chanted slogans in support of the National Council of Resistance of Iran(NCRI)  youth as well as defiant youth who are sacrificing their lives in the struggle against the bloodthirsty mullahs’ regime of Mullahs.

The Demonstrators called upon the Canadian Government to support NCR and include the IRGC in the Canadian Terrorist Organizations list.