Wave of Protests Sweeps Many Cities Across Iran Once Again


Wave of protests and strike erupted once again in many cities across Iran in the past few days. The persistence of protests and uprising has beset the religious dictatorship ruling Iran, signaling the inevitable regime change in Iran. People and youth are protesting the catastrophic situation of the country’s economy, skyrocketing prices, continuous power outages, and Iranian officials widespread corruption and inhuman policies, as well as astronomical plunderings that have been institutionalized by Khamenei, Rouhani and the IRGC.

Shopkeepers, traders, bazaar merchants staged strike in many cities including Isfahan, Karaj, Mashhad, Tabriz and Tehran where many people were arrested.

In Tehran, shops in the goldsmith, carpet, iron and building materials bazaars, Alaeddin and Charsu shopping centers, as well as manufacturers and shopkeepers in the Ray and Shoosh bazaars, and the shoe market on 15 Khordad Ave. and Toopkhaneh Square went on strike.

In Isfahan, people rallied to protest against the regime’s corruption and the declining economic situation for the second consecutive day on Wednesday. In addition, beginning on Tuesday, July 31, truck drivers and owners as well as large group of people and youth in the city of Isfahan have been staging a protest against spiraling high prices, repeated power outages and inhuman policies of the clerical regime in the city’s Amirkabir (now called new Shapour) industrial district. They subsequently marched toward the city’s main streets.

Also in Isfahan, shopkeepers have stopped work and all shops are shut down. Enraged over the runaway inflation, high prices, corruption and repression, the crowd were chanting: “Death to high prices, death to unemployment,” “death to the dictator,” “dignified Shapouris (people of Shapour), support us, support us,” “dignified Iranians, support us, support us,” and “incompetent officials, resign, resign.”

In addition, Truck drivers across the country have launched a second round of strikes, now entering its second week and enjoying the support of various branches of society. Two other strikes are ongoing parallel to the truckers: various railway workers in numerous cities are on strike, along with the country’s powerful bazaar store owners’ branch.

Tabriz Railroad Workers Strike

Railway workers strike in northwest Iran began in the cities and towns of Sharafkhaneh, Salmas, Tabriz, Zanjan and Qazvin. Similar strikes are seen in the northeast cities of Neishabour and Damqan, and the Lorestan railways in the west.

In Karaj (west of Tehran), the frustrated people protested from the afternoon of July 31 in Gohardasht’s First Square. This courageous uprising continued until the middle of the night while people were chanting anti-regime slogans including “High prices! Inflation! Disaster for people; High prices! Inflation! We can not tolerate,” and “Death to the dictator” and “Mullahs must get lost.”

People and youth in Karaj also chanted: “The nation is begging, Ayatollah (Khamenei) is the Lord (living in luxury and comfort),” and “Tanks, Cannons, Firecrackers, The mullah must go!” and “Do not be afraid, we are all together” and “Rise up today, the mullahs are our enemy but they falsely blame the United States.”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, saluted the brave people of Karaj, Isfahan, Shiraz and other risen cities, and said the source of all the darkness of the Iranian nation is the religious dictatorship ruling Iran, which has wasted the assets and generations of our homeland.

She also saluted the striking bazaar merchants and shopkeepers in Tehran and various cities and called on all Iranian people, especially the brave youths, to support their strike. She urged all international authorities to take immediate action to release all detainees including those detained in the recent protests.

Mrs. Rajavi hailed the brave people of Isfahan in their second day of courageous uprising against the mullahs’ tyranny and said: “Confrontation of the youth with the repressive forces, heralds the freedom of the country from the clutches of the mullahs.”

View some video clips of the protests Here & Here.